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Life is like this crazy ass ride, but if you stay awake (most of the time) the trip is full of so many stops and attractions just waiting to teach you a lesson and to give you meaning.

"Life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it. " -from the movie "Blow"

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A trip to Montreal: What I Always Wanted

The night before going on a trip is one of the best feelings in the world.  Do you remember when you were in middle school and the boy you liked told you that he had a crush on you? Well the feeling is similar to that.  I have been planning to visit Montreal all summer and can’t believe this is finally it.  Besides getting to visit Montreal another dream of mine is going to come true tomorrow. I have traveled to 18 different countries in my 21 years of life and sadly to say most of those trips were on my own or with groups of people I had just met.  I have been to so many romantic destinations and truly felt the love in the air but something was always missing.  I had no lover to kiss me under the Eiffel Tower, I had no partner to take a gondola ride with me in Venice, and no one to say cheers with as Big Ben struck midnight.  I have always wanted someone there it was just that I never had someone who wanted to be.  My boyfriend and I have been dating since the 11th grade.  Now I am not exactly the kind of girl who is attached to my boyfriend and would call him my everything, yes I do love him dearly but sadly most of the time my dreams do come first.  He attends college in Massachusetts and I attend school in Pennsylvania.  Those states aren’t exactly close and with an 8 hour drive separating us and no car to get to each other we have become very good at doing the long distance thing.  Not to mention this past semester I just spent in Italy while he was stuck in Mass.  It goes to show we can make it through anything.  But as I travel and watch the world go by I see people in love, I used to look away but I have grown accustom to smiling to myself because I see others happy.  I was always confused by this concept and scared to feel that way, I guess you could say I had a fear of commitment.  But as the days passed I couldn’t help but wonder when my turn was.  Well world today is that day.  In a few short hours I get to live my dream and have my love by my side.  Some girls dream of the ball gown on their wedding day but for me this is all I ever wanted; a back pack, a map, and a lover to stand beside me with no destination in our futures. Cheers to happy endings!